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Free AI voice cloning

Voice cloning instantly, free of charge, unlimited usage, no registration needed, try it!

  • Instant cloning can be achieved by simply uploading a 10 second voice sample.
  • Highly similar and realistic reproduction.
  • Supports multiple languages and accents.
  • Secure privacy, protecting user data.
  • Simple interface, easy to use.
  • Generate and download the voice with one click.
  • You can free to use.

Step 1. Import vocal samples

You can upload a file or start recording(no less than 10 seconds).


Step 2. Generate audio

Listen to text with your own voice,Supports English(EN), Chinese(ZH), French(FR), Japanese(JR), and Korean(KR).

What is voice cloning?

Voice cloning uses AI and machine learning to recreate someone's voice by analyzing their speech patterns and generating new speech that mimics the original speaker. It has applications in entertainment, accessibility, digital assistants, and dubbing.

Is using voice cloning free?

You can generate short sounds for free. If a longer cloning time is required, we will provide a paid subscription service in the future.

How to clone voice?

You can choose the recording or import sound button to upload the sound file that needs to be cloned, and then select the language type to be generated and the cloned text from the input box. Click the "Generate Audio" button and wait for a moment to play and download the cloned sound.

Why does the sound of cloning voice not sound like it?

Is there any background noise in your reference audio, or is it crystal clear? High-quality reference speeches are available here.

Is the uploaded audio longer than 10 seconds?

Are there voices from multiple individuals in your audio?

Are there extended periods of silence in your audio?

How long should the voice cloning sample I upload be?

To ensure the quality and naturalness of the cloned sound, we recommend uploading a clear voice recording for at least 15 seconds. The higher the recording quality, the more realistic the generated cloned sound will be.

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